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Erotic Art + Performance + Voluptuous Living



Back By Popular Demand

ArteRotica is back for a ONE NIGHT STAND

We're coming home to Madame X in NYC and we are filling the evening with debauchery, talent, and oh! of course ART....


Special screening of Mercy Mistress, an episodic dramatic series that follows Mistress Yin (Poppy Liu), a queer first generation Chinese-American professional and lifestyle dominatrix living in New York City. Starring Daniel K Isaac, Nathan Darrow, and Synead Nichols.

Each episode focuses on a different client and explores the roots of their particular kink while the larger story is one that unveils the layers of Mistress Yin's own sexuality and how she broke from a cycle of abuse, self-destruction, and childhood violence through her healing journey with BDSM.

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Welcome to the world of ArteRotica

ArteRoTica exhibits carefully chosen artists whose art represents various forms and expressions of eroticism. The event features erotic displays of art – from photography to fine art and performance art. Additionally, our DJs curate a soundscape that supports the vision of ArteRotica so that you can get your dance on as well.

ArteRotica is committed to cultivating an atmosphere that is open and welcoming to all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation and lifestyles. This creates an environment for our audience to find common solace in a collective intent – the freedom to express and explore different interpretations of sexuality in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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